Some Common Small Business IT Misconseptions                                    
  • Outsourced IT support is unaffordable
  • Desktop computers don't need regular maintenance
  • Our firewalls protect us from viruses, hackers, malware, ...
  • Microsoft products will look after us

  • My cousin / son-in-law / neighbor provides all the support we need

  • Upgrades are expensive and will cost much than they are worth
The Reality
Outsourced Support is Affordable - You pay a flat monthly retainer based on your requirements and fees are adjusted to suit changing budgets.
Full Services Provided - Our most common service pack includes: Server Monitoring, Data Back-Up, Help-Desk, and response On-Site Support - we understand your urgency!
Network Support - Our Technicians are skilled at supporting your network and bring a wealth of knowledge from other accounts they support on a daily basis.
Computer Support - Our technitians clean your systems, removing all types of annoyances. We upgrade and install new software either remotely or on-site for both PC and Apple.